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Bethany Collins

Visual Artist
2017 Make a Wave
Visual Arts

BETHANY COLLINS is a multidisciplinary artist whose conceptually driven work is fueled by a critical exploration of how race and language interact. In drawings, prints, paintings, and sculptures, Collins interrogates words in order to reveal their potential to empower or betray us. She uses official frameworks for language, as in standard dictionaries and political reports, as starting points for inquiry. From there, she isolates and manipulates text by labor intensive acts of rubbing and erasure, creating fields of illegibility which house precisely chosen phrases. The completed works address the struggle of the individual to navigate issues of race, power, and histories of violence.

Featured Artworks

  •  Bethany Collins artwork Flesh, 1982

    Toner and graphite on American Master's paper in two parts, 30 x 22 inches each

  •  Bethany Collins artwork The Star Spangled Banner: A Hymnal (2020)

    Artist book with 100 laser cut leaves, 9 x 6 x 1 inches

  •  Bethany Collins artwork Where the lash is made red in the blood of the slave (The Chase) (2021)

    Charcoal and acrylic on panel, 48 x 72 x 2 inches

  •  Bethany Collins artwork The Odyssey: 2000 / 2017 (2018)

    Graphite and toner on Somerset paper in two parts, 44 x 30 inches each