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Jennifer Hodges

Mixed Media & Abstract Painter
2021 Make a Wave
Visual Arts

Jennifer L. Hodges is an abstract acrylic and mixed media visual artist originally from Detroit. Hodges received a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Western Michigan University and a Master of Business Administration through the Baumhart Scholars program at Loyola University Chicago. Hodges serves as Vice President for a public charter school system where she leads the Whole Child Initiative.

Jennifer's creative career has been strategically integrated into her formal education and has spanned more than 20 years. Hodges began writing poetry at age 11 to manage personal trauma and began painting while pursuing her undergraduate degree. Hodges now exhibits across the U.S. and her work has been added to many private collections. She is consistently creating new work in her South Side Chicago studio. Her work represents a contemporary exploration of the Black experience with a spotlight on the various aspects of Black femininity. She intends to evoke feelings, stimulate thought, and enhance ambiance. Her work is a place to explore without boundaries, relish in liberated creativity, and challenge thought, education, and experience. She draws creative inspiration from the metaphysical, psychology, and spirituality. Her choice of color combination and texture through mixed media aims to inspire spirituality, cultural connection, and an overall sensory connection for the viewer, making them feel represented in the work of art.

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