Peregrine Bermas headshot

Peregrine Bermas

Teaching Artist & Community Herbalist
2022 3Arts Awards
Teaching Arts

Peregrine is a pinay teaching artist and herbalist; descended from mountains, ocean, and raspberries, and humans whose creative inclinations led them to be teachers, caregivers, land tenders, and excellent cooks.

As their name alludes, they are also a wanderer. In 2024 they are spending time with the land in so-called durham, nc - meeting more mushrooms and holding virtual herbal care consultations through their practice, Dirt & Free Herbal Arts.

Peregrine's work encourages adaptation, engages land-based relationships, and embraces collective care. She has a longtime love of our plant companions, and find great pleasure in sharing about locally abundant and kitchen-accessible herbal remedies.

Profile image by: Atoi Glennette

Featured Artworks

  •  Collage image featuring people assembling colorful care packages of candles and herbal remedies Freedom Fighter Herbs Spring Digital collage
  •  Collage of images forming a grassy background with three figures seated together picking flowers Freedom Fighter Herbs Summer Digital collage
  •  Peregrine Bermas artwork “A Weed Among Weeds” coloring zine.
  •  Image of woven strands of lemongrass and dried orange slices set upon a white table Rings of lemongrass and oranges.
  •  An overhead image of a curious black kitten sniffing at pink zines that read "Wild Satisfaction" set upon a table with small aloe plants nearby “Wild Satisfaction” zines for Freedom Fighter Herbs, Spring 2022 care packages.
  •  Two figures wearing face masks and gloves, seen sanitizing tools for a post-lesson clean up Teaching artists Peregrine Bermas and Veronica Casado Hernandez. Photo by Irina Zadov.
  •  A closeup of four mason jars filled with varying colorful substances, softly backlit by the outdoor sun. Jars filled with plant materials for extracting natural dyes.