Make A Wave

Make a Wave is an artist-to-artist grant program that erases the traditional gatekeeper by inviting each of the previous year’s 3Arts Awards recipients to select another artist to receive a surprise award from 3Arts—in effect sending a wave through Chicago’s brilliant cultural core.

We extend special thanks to our 2023 Make a Wave Partner, the Siragusa Family Foundation. The 2023 Make a Wave Awards to artists were $2,000 each.

2023 Make a Wave Partner:




  • Black/African American Woman/person with Brown eyes, Symmetrical Nose Piercings, a Labret Piercing , Stretched ears, and Short curly hair. Pronouns: she/they


    Music Performer Make a Wave Awardee

    Anaiet Soul (she/they) is a 23-year-old emerging composer, pianist, guitarist, and vocalist from the South Side of Chicago. Anaiet is influenced by a myriad of musical backgrounds (including Jazz, RnB, Gospel, and Classical), textures, and sounds. She seeks to capture …

  • Brown skin male with short hair and brown eyes.

    Jonathan Emanuell Alsberry

    Stager, Rehearsal Director, Producer, and Teacher Make a Wave Awardee

    Jonathan E. Alsberry (he/him), aka “Jojo,” is an educator, creator, and coach focused on inspiring excellence and joy with a constant dedication to the exploration of artistry and the creative process. Currently the Senior Rehearsal Director & Director of Summer …

  • Tall Black/African American Woman with Dark Brown Hair, Braids, and Dark Brown eyes. Pronouns: she/her/hers

    Jasmine A. Barber

    Curator, Rapper, Host/Emcee, and Spiritual Practitioner/Tarot Reader Make a Wave Awardee

    Jasmine A Barber (she/her), also known as the rapper J Bambii, is an artist, educator, tarot reader, and cartoon-lover from the South Side of Chicago. She is the founder and creator of The Brown Skin Lady Show and the community healing …

  • AfroBoricua Woman with Long Brown Hair Brown Eyes.

    Rebel Betty

    Cultural Producer, Educator, Organizer, and Multidisciplinary Artist Make a Wave Awardee

    Rebel Betty (she/her) is an Afro Indigenous Puerto Rican poet, multidisciplinary artist, and cultural worker based in Chicago. Rebel is using a multidisciplinary approach to depict the magic and movement of Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities and to trace back …

  • Black/African American Woman with Braided hair and Brown eyes. Pronouns: she/her/hers

    Andrea Coleman

    Visual Artist, Multidisciplinary Artist Make a Wave Awardee

    Andrea Coleman (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, art administrator, and Creative Director based in Chicago who utilizes the mediums of paint, fabric, and personal archive throughout her practice. Heavily inspired by her suburban upbringing, animation art, and mural concepts, …

  • Black Boricua femme with curly brown hair and Brown eyes. pronouns: She/her/ella

    Melissa DuPrey

    Multidisciplinary Performance Artist Make a Wave Awardee

    Melissa DuPrey (she/her) is an actor, comic, producer, musician, and playwright with roots from Humboldt Park, Chicago. She is a critically acclaimed solo artist whose self-produced work spans over a decade with five full-length solo plays (SEXomedySUSHI-frito …

  • Asian/Chinese Woman with Dark hair and Tattoos.

    Stephanie Shum

    Actor Make a Wave Awardee

    Stephanie Shum (she/her) is an actor and theater administrator based in Chicago with a deep love for developing new works. As an actor, she has performed and workshopped new plays with Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Goodman Theatre, Victory Gardens Theater, American …

  • Black/African American Woman with Dark brown hair Brown eyes. Pronouns: she/her.

    Rhea the Second

    Vocalist, Songwriter, and Producer Make a Wave Awardee

    Rhea the Second is an Alternative Pop and R&B recording artist, vocalist, songwriter and producer out of Chicago, Illinois. Her most recent achievements as an Independent artist working the reigns of the Chicago Music scene include singing background for Leon Bridges, opening …

  • White/Eastern European Woman with Long, dark red hair with Brown Eyes. Pronouns: She/Her.

    Lucy Vurusic Riner

    Dance Artist, Choreographer, and Dance Educator Make a Wave Awardee

    Lucy (she/her) is a native Chicagoan who has been dancing, choreographing, and teaching in the Midwest for 28 years. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Dance Education and Performance from Illinois State University. Lucy completed her Master’s Degree in Education …

  • yellow non binary person with dark hair and brown eyes surrounded by flowers.

    AiRos 頌恩 medill

    Visual & Sonic Mover, Returning Ritual Round Make a Wave Awardee

    AiRos 頌恩 medill (air/airs & they/them) is a yellow hapa nonbinary trans Taiwanese American circle keeper, care worker, storyteller, facilitator, bodyworker, dancer, and culture bearer who is moving to organize abundance in the ecology of home. AiRos practices with the …

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