July Artist News

published: June 26, 2024
Image with three multicolored quilts. Text reads "Sonic Gifts of Sisterhood" on a white background. Sonic Gifts of Sisterhood poster.

JANHAVI KHEMKA (2023 3Arts/Bodies of Work Artist)

On July 6, Janhavi performs Impress/ion for the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago’s “Cripping the Galleries” series. “During this intimate, participatory performance, Khemka invites audience members to sit with her, three at a time, as she asks each audience member to “teach her” their individual first names. Depending on vision and vibrations perceivable through touch, participants can expect to spend a total of four minutes each until the group reaches a consensus on each learned name. The performance lasts three hours, until the artist is depleted of energy.


RIVA LEHRER (2008 3Arts Awardee)

On July 6, in commemoration of Disability Pride, Riva will discuss her memoir, Golem Girl. The book details Riva’s upbringing, her diagnosis with spina bifida, and the artists, writers, and performers she met who helped her understand disability as “an opportunity for creativity and resistance.” 

This is a virtual event hosted by the Chicago Public Library. 


NICOLE MITCHELL (2011 3Arts Awardee) and SHANTA NURULLAH )2021 3Arts/SIF Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation Awardee in honor of Samuel G. Roberson Jr.)

On July 6, Nicole and Shanta perform in a concert entitled Sonic Gifts of Sisterhood at the Logan Center for the Arts. “This musical performance features the convergence of both local Chicago composer-performer-improvisors Shanta Nurullah (sitar, multi-instrumentalist) and Lily Finnegan (drums), along with returning visitors Fay Victor (voice), Nicole Mitchell (flute), and Devon Gates (voice, bass).”


JUMAANE TAYLOR (2019 3Arts/Stan Lipkin & Evelyn Appell Lipkin Awardee)

On July 11–21, as Artistic Director of  Chicago Human Rhythm Project’s International Festival of American Tap, Jumaane organizes Rhythm World 34, the 34th-anniversary celebration of America’s oldest tap festival. The two-week event features in-person performances and education programs by veteran and next-generation artists. Classes will occur at the Fine Arts Building (410 S Michigan Ave.) and concerts take place at The DuSable Black History Museum, the Jazz Showcase, and the Studebaker Theatre. 


AVREEAYL RA (2023 3Arts/Stan Lipkin & Evelyn Appell Lipkin Awardee) 

On July 25, Avreeayl plays with James Sanders for Proyecto Libre. “With Proyecto Libre (Free Project), Sanders combines his Caribbean heritage and command of Afro-Latin idioms with a forward thinking, purely improvisational aesthetic by bringing musicians from both genres together in a freewheeling musical experiment.” Avreeayl will play the drums and wood flute. In-person and live stream tickets are available for purchase. 



From July 25 – August 3, Michael co-stars in Obliteration, “a fusion of stand-up and theater that tells the story of two comedians trying to make sense of a world that’s falling apart, even as their own lives are hanging on by a thread.” Obliteration is written and directed by Gift Theatre ensemble member Andrew Hinderaker and performed by Michael and fellow ensemble member Cyd Blakewell. Performances take place at Steppenwolf Theatre Company as part of the LookOut series. 


MEIDA MCNEAL (2017 3Arts Awardee)

On July 27, as one of the co-organizers of Healing Arts Chicago, Meida helps to present the Healing Arts Chicago Summit, a day of making, learning, and discussion on topics in the arts, health, and wellness. Featuring artists and community and health organizations, the event will highlight the versatility of the community health worker role and demonstrate ways creative workers can benefit from an infusion of health, wellness, and artistic ways of knowing




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