Auden Granger headshot

Auden Granger

2024 Bodies of Work

Auden Granger (they/them) is a paper collage artist and theatrical wardrobe supervisor. A challenge to a profoundly digital and consumerist world, Auden’s visual art uses found and creatively reused paper from a variety of sources — nothing printed, nothing purchased — to create intricate and meticulous composites of swirling color and texture. The precise repetition of their mosaic-like technique is directly informed by their autistic identity and a disability justice ideology that believes in the beauty of going slow. Their work often focuses on themes of disability, chronic pain, and psychiatric survivorship. As a wardrobe supervisor, Auden is inspired by generations of activism by garment workers for workplace safety. While traditionally perceived as a merely technical position, wardrobe workers have a tremendous capacity to either challenge or reassert the marginalization and oppression of the ‘deviant’ body and hold a tangible position of power over the physical and emotional vulnerability of the un/dressing actor. Auden is currently developing a curriculum that emphasizes the ability and responsibility of wardrobe professionals to work towards social justice and interpersonal care within the particular context of their position.


Featured Artworks

  •  Auden Granger artwork Never Quite Escape, 2023. 5"x7", paper.
  •  Auden Granger artwork All of This Can Be Broken, 2023. 9"x11", paper.
  •  A photograph of a dandelion gone to seed is haloed by blue paper. Swirling around the dandelion white and gray paper, interspersed with gold. Small pieces of textured white paper lay over it. A small line of text reads: 'I do feel small.' I Do Feel Small, 2023. 9"x11", paper.
  •  Auden Granger artwork Something Hidden Within You, 2021. 5"x7", paper.
  •  Auden Granger artwork To Gain a Little Time, 2021. 5"x7", paper.
  •  Auden Granger artwork May You Know Death, 2021. 5"x7", paper.