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Kennedy Healy

Kennedy Dawson Healy (she/they) is a Fat, Queer, Crip media maker originally from Omaha, Nebraska. Now based in Chicago, Kennedy makes work focused on disability, accessibility, care, abolition, sexuality, and representation. They are the founder of Crip Crap, a media company that makes media about disability, by and for disabled people. She edits Crip Crap’s blog, Spoiler Alert!, and is the co-producer and co-host of Crip Crap: The Podcast alongside Justin Cooper.

As a 3Arts/Bodies of Work Fellow, they are developing a musical titled Care, which follows four disabled people and their care workers in Chicago as they navigate state care systems before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her photo project about care, created alongside Marley Molkentin, has been featured on the Disability Visibility Project blog. Their most recent installation of the photos, including visual artwork created by Kennedy, was installed at Gallery 400 and reviewed in the Chicago Reader. Additionally, Kennedy has many other in-progress projects, including a television series created with Joy Ellison, other comedy writing, and a children’s book.

She is a Libra who loves plants, her cat, chicken wings, and feminist country music. Follow her work on Instagram: and on LinkedIn.

Featured Artworks

  •  Close up shot that shows the side of Kennedy’s back, butt, and hip. Marley’s hand presses on Kennedy’s skin leaving shadows surrounding her fingers. Kennedy’s skin is patterned with fat rolls, bedsheet "Care" photography project sample by Marley Molkentin and Kennedy Dawson Healy
  •  Kennedy Healy artwork Art by Kennedy Dawson Healy