Promoting an Equitable, Creative, and Inspired Community in Which Artists Are Valued


Founded in 1912, with a history centered on women artists, 3Arts is a nonprofit organization that supports artists working in the performing, teaching, and visual arts in the Chicago metropolitan area, including women artists, artists of color, and Deaf and disabled artists. By providing unrestricted awards, project funding, residencies, professional development, and promotion, 3Arts helps artists take risks, experiment, and build momentum in their careers over time.


3Arts recognizes that art is essential to the wellbeing and vibrancy of our lives. Art fuels, expands, and deepens our intellectual and emotional capacities while helping us envision and communicate new possibilities and paths. It has the power to bridge gaps between us, help us see the world in which we live from a fresh perspective, and urge us to reflect on what it means to be human—here and now. Behind every work of art that sets this in motion is an artist. 3Arts is dedicated to the artists whose work shapes, shifts, and touches all of us.



Everything, from our planet’s survival to our everyday experience of life, is reliant upon creative solutions and visions. We are committed to fueling creativity in the artists who push the boundaries daily.


We believe that it is our duty to strive, constantly and conscientiously, to rectify inequity by supporting and advocating for a diversity of artists. Further, we believe that multiple and divergent perspectives must be present and accounted for so that a culture, a community, a city, and a country can claim to be healthy and sound.


We believe that artists are essential to sustaining an inspiring community in which art is accessible to everyone.


We are committed to operating with a high standard of efficiency, responsiveness, effectiveness, and clarity of both purpose and process.