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Each year, we invite people from across Chicago to join us in supporting a $25,000 3Arts Award that will be given to a local artist who is making indispensable contributions to our city. We name this award in honor of YOU, the Chicago community, to show how much we all care about our city’s artists.

When you donate to this campaign, you become a champion of Chicago’s women artists, artists of color, and artists with disabilities who work in the performing, teaching, and visual arts. 3Arts will join you by matching up to 1/3 of the funding goal. 

The recipient of the 2019 Community Award, along with the nine other 2019 awardees, will be announced on November 4 at our annual awards celebration to be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

About This Project

Each year, ten Chicago artists who reflect our mission receive 3Arts Awards of $25,000, with no strings attached. Artists may use the awards to support new work, pay off debt, purchase equipment, travel, or start a savings account---or however they wish. For most of them, our award is the first they have received.

There is nothing like the feeling of investing directly in the artists who keep the creative engines revving in our city. With this campaign, you can be part of this incredible support for Chicago artists. 

“It is such an honor to receive the 3Arts Community Award. The meaning, the force, and the spirit behind it feel like everything that I strive for in my art and in my life.”

~ Sandra Delgado2018 3Arts Community Award recipient

Thank yous

Contribute any amount or choose from the levels below.

  • $30
    Your name listed onscreen at the 2019 3Arts Awards celebration on November 4. ($30.00 is tax deductible.)
  • $130
    Above, plus one ticket to a performance featuring a 3Arts awardee. ($80.00 is tax deductible.)
  • $300
    All of the above, plus a chance to win a free roundtrip e-pass courtesy of Southwest Airlines. ($250.00 is tax deductible.)
  • $500
    All of the above, plus complimentary, reserved seats for two at the 2019 3Arts Awards celebration on November 4. ($350.00 is tax deductible.)
  • $1300
    All of the above, plus we’ll treat you to lunch with the 2019 3Arts Community Award recipient. ($1050.00 is tax deductible.)


Founded in 1912, with a history centered on women artists, 3Arts is a nonprofit organization that supports artists working in the performing, teaching, and visual arts in the Chicago metropolitan area, including women artists, artists of color, and Deaf and …

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  • Update 1: These artists, and more, thank you!
    Posted on May 08, 2019


    We're less than one week from our deadline and so close to our goal! Big cheers to everyone who has donated so far. 

    Since 2015, we have recognized four Chicago artists with 3Arts Community Awards: Fawzia Mirza (2015), William Estrada (2016), Ginger Lane (2017), and Sandra Delgado (2018). 

    Thanks to all of you, we will honor another remarkable artist with this community-funded award later this fall. Save the date for November 4 when we will celebrate them and the nine other 3Arts Award recipients!

    Four side by side images of the four recipients of Community Awards

    The words Thank You in a blue circle

    • Thank you to the following for contributing to 3Arts with the recommendation that we support this project.

    • Thomas Holt

    • Rose Parisi

    • Michael Siurek

    • Cat Tager

    • Remberto Del Real

    • Lisa Lee

    • Masum Momaya

    • alice dubose

    • Katie Dowling

    • Mesha Arant

    • Rachel Arfa

    • Folayemi Wilson

    • Ronald & Georgianne Pfeiffer

    • Anonymous Supporter

    • Mel Smith & Janet Carl Smith

    • Susan Musich

    • Carrie Sandahl

    • Emilio Williams

    • Cheryl Yuen

    • Joanne Vena

    • Kwesi Smith

    • Wendy Miller

    • Cheryl Desir

    • William Estrada

    • Tina Mari Rucker

    • Megan Conrad

    • Kristi Zemaitis

    • Marcia Festen

    • Carrie Spitler

    • Deborah Puntenney

    • Amy Ost

    • Julia Mayer

    • Sara Slawnik

    • Fawzia Mirza

    • Justin Cooper

    • Candace Hunter

    • Jean Parisi

    • Ginger Lane

    • Debra Hass

    • john and emily sinnott

    • Sherry and Richard Frenzel

    • Kris Goodfellow

    • Karen Reimer

    • Joan Gunzberg

    • Susan & Herbert Parisi & Kellman

    • Mark Parisi

    • Cortney Lederer

    • Eva Silverman

    • Laura Samson

    • Pamela Crutchfield

    • Sydney Sidwell

    • Bucky Halker

    • Robert Martin

    • Tatiana Gant

    • Anonymous Supporter

    • Juan Dies

    • Paul & Patricia McCarthy

    • Tracey Ryniec

    • Toni Riccardi

    • Colleen and Lloyd Fry and the Lloyd A. Fry Foundation

    • Anonymous Supporter

    • Pond Family Foundation Trust

    • Jawanza Hughes

    • Jessica Korda

    • Aram Han Sifuentes

    • Mark Becker

    • Josh Garrett

    • Scott Lundius

    • Lauren Deutsch

    • Caroline Older

    • Carole McCurdy

    • Chris Silva

    • Anonymous Supporter

    • Katie Law

    • Ann Slawnik

    • Irene Phelps

    • Eliud Hernandez

    • Laura Doherty

    • James Fredrick

    • Catherine Rajcan

    • Robin Dusek

    • LeAnn Hibler

    • Tina Childress

    • Jo Gayle

    • Siragusa Family Foundation

    • Brian Foley

    • Shannon Moutinho

    • George Malmgren

    • Brittany Pyle

    • Fred Knight

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