Crowdfunding with a Match

3AP (3Arts Projects) is a unique crowdfunding platform with a built-in match that helps Chicago artists finance new creative work.
3Arts matches 1/3 of each project goal, charges no fees to artists, and offers mentoring and technical support.
3Arts will match your support!
  • Sunset 1919

    • $5,213 raised of $4,000 goal
    • 4 Days 11:50:05 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 130% funded

    STRETCH GOAL! Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting your Love into Action. You have given this ritual in Eugene Williams' memory the fruit of your labor. That was a lot of work. So, let's all have a stretch...towards …

    • $5,454 raised of $5,000 goal
    • 13 Days 11:50:05 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 109% funded

    A traditional play reading with actors stuck behind music stands hardly ever shows us enough. I am partnering with The Story Theatre to produce a fully lived-in staged reading of my play, Modern Women, with rehearsal time, blocking, costumes, …

  • Camo Coat v2: The Garden Collection

    • $0 raised of $6,000 goal
    • 42 Days 11:50:05 LEFT
      • 0% funded
      • 100% to go

    Afrofuturity opens portals to ever-unfolding constellations of possibility in representation and empowerment. 2024 heralds the start of Octavia Butler’s prophetic sci-fi novel, Parable of the Sower, a text by which I’ve long been inspired in teaching and practice. In …



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