57th Street Mosaic Underpass Mural

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This project will complete the second phase of a new public mural on Chicago's south side, engaging a nearby retirement community as well as elementary and high school students in the neighborhood. 

About This Project

The 57th Street Pedestrian Underpass Mosaic Project is a collaboration between the Chicago Public Art Group and local institutions that celebrate the culture and diversity of south side communities.

There are two pedestrian underpasses that run under Lake Shore Drive at 57th Street, each with 34 inset art panels.  One runs east to the lakefront and one runs south to the Museum of Science and Industry. Although located in Hyde Park, these underpasses are heavily used by people from all over the city and beyond because of their proximity to Chicago’s lakefront and one of its premiere museums.

The first phase was completed by Chicago Public elementary and high school students in collaboration with lead artist Mirtes Zwierzynski. Students designed and created 34 mosaic panels that were installed in the east underpass in 2010. The content was integrated into the students’ curriculum and reflects the character and culture of the surrounding neighborhoods. Participants also had the rich experience of creating a lasting mural and participating in a public art process that beautifies the city in which they live.

We are now in the second phase of the project and hope to complete the south underpass that runs to the Museum of Science and Industry in 2013. Work has already begun to create mosaics that represent a science and industry theme. With help from the local alderman and grants from community groups, the project participation has extended to include seniors in a nearby retirement community and elementary and high school students farther south in the ward.

The contributions we are seeking will go towards the completion of twenty inset art panels, each measuring 20” by 20.” 

It is our hope that with your help we will be able to reach out to a broader network of south side institutions and communities and complete this project for all Chicagoans to enjoy.

Thank you for your support.

Thank yous

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    All the above PLUS a one of a kind 10” x 10” mosaic piece designed by Mirtes Zwierzynski ($0.00 is tax deductible.)

Mirtes Zwierzynski

Mirtes is a visual artist, muralist, and teaching artist. She was born in Brazil and has lived in Chicago since 1981. Her studio work, through either individual or collective exhibitions, has been extensively shown in the Chicago area. She has …

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