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I am creating a series of interactive, mobile sculptures that considers the notion of movement on many levels, from a broad scale like immigration to the ways one makes it from here to there on a daily basis. The objects will be reminiscent of DIY trailers carrying equipment and belongings through an interminable landscape or wheeled caravans for travelers with never-ending destinations, suggesting a fantastical, nomadic future where we might eventually live. As we hopefully emerge from a period of lockdowns and isolation, this project offers an immersion in movement and connection. Though the project may have romantic, personalized notions of post-apocalyptic survival in the outdoors, these objects are designed to have practical, current uses for the public as well. For the first time in several years, I will have access to a “lab space” this summer where I have the opportunity to install these objects and design performances and other activations with community members. With this campaign I am seeking support to help cover the costs of fabricating the metal framework for at least three of these sculptures. If the framework could be funded and built, then I can fully realize plans for display and interaction as part of a culminating exhibition that will take place at Compound Yellow and hopefully other locations as well.

About This Project

This project is a complete immersion in movement, which the title suggests. On an immediate level, my work has always portrayed ideas of travel to help interpret the human condition. I’ve portrayed highway signs as sculpture, done performative walks as meditation, and even made elaborate drawings of my camping gear to convey consumerism as metaphoric plight. But before this campaign began—and before the pandemic hit—my life went through a dynamic shift. A certain anxiety, built around grief and loss, was suddenly part of my life. The unraveling of truths, the limitations of the American Dream, and the onset of middle age became undeniably evident. Never had I felt such pangs on a cellular level, thinking “I gotta get outta here” as I did in 2020. Turns out no one was really going anywhere.

My travels were limited when growing up, so this did not feel particularly new. But there’s a weariness now; one I’m convinced could transform into joy upon this process of recovery. That transformation is what this work is about. As a child, I considered road trips past the Wisconsin border a thrill. I believed I could find happiness in travel, so I dreamt of California, hoping to reach the ocean and become a surfer. I longed for adventure in nature, riding my bicycle in deserts by the light of the moon and hiking to the tops of mountains; some of which I eventually did as an adult, others experienced vicariously through Patagonia catalogs. Road films influenced me as well, but ultimately the ideas have come from living with limitations.

The main expense of the project is the fabrication of the metal framework, designed by myself and welded together by a past collaborator, David Pohlad. As an experienced frame builder of bicycles and other forms, his building expertise is critical to ensuring functionality of the objects. My hope is for the objects to continue to move and connect to others, even when we physically may not.

Thank yous

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    Above, plus an original 11” x 14” drawing by Regin ($250.00 is tax deductible.)

Regin Igloria

Regin Igloria is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, and arts administrator based in North Chicago. His drawings, artists’ books, sculptures, and performances portray the human condition as it relates to the natural environment and inhabited spaces. He has several years of …

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  • Update 1: The trailers are being built!
    Posted on April 23, 2021


    Thank you all once again for your quick response to this campaign!

    David Pohlad, friend and metal fabricator extraordinaire, has begun the buildout of the trailers. Our goal is to have these main components completed in May to be ready for additional box and panel constructions which I will construct throughout the Compound Yellow residency. Check out Part 1 of the video series I've put together documenting the process:



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