Feeling First: A Recipe for Inspiration

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I am producing an all-in-one vegan cookbook and sound design/breakbeat vinyl album that celebrates the interdisciplinary pairing of food and music. This project speaks to a new creative investment in self-care that is not only sustainable but nourishing to the body, inside and out. As a multidisciplinary artist and educator, I am interested in showing connections between creativity, food, music, and wellness because I desire to encourage people to become their best selves. With this project I will compile recipes for all these elements into a combination book and LP record. Contributions from my community will help support this effort including working with editor Tara Betts, printing and manufacturing the book-album, and distributing it to supporters and the general public.

About This Project

I was raised in a family with poor nutrition habits that I had to unlearn in order to thrive and be healthy. The same I would say is accurate for my art career because it was not properly nourished initially. I have learned so many things about being an artist on my own and continue to grow more in this respect each day. I would like to share my experience in a nurturing way with this project that celebrates healthy living, food art, DJ /vinyl culture, and electronic music.

Today people need quick alternatives to eating healthily with clear instructions and good images to boot. The same is true for music, DJing, and sound design. People want to support interesting ideas that celebrate community. This project is designed to encourage a more connected and healthy environment.

I think creativity is the nourishment for a good life. Creativity makes us present and enables us to better our relationships. It allows us to engage with people and ideas that leads to new opportunities and understandings. By truly basking in creativity, we are able to get out of our own way and move with intuition, hence building more character and overall love for the self…not selfish love, but sustainable love that is infectious for the good of the human condition.

Food gives us the energy and nutrients to grow and develop, be healthy and active, to move, work, play, think, and learn. Art is the foundation of creative expression. It allows both the artist and audience (observer) to express or receive an emotion, thought, concept, or idea. Art removes the pretense. You don’t think about something, you feel it first. Art has the innate ability to make people feel. It informs thought and our thought becomes action in the physical world. Art allows us to balance within, grow, and navigate space.

I believe this will influence how people feel about food and music. It will speak to people interested in healthier ways of living and celebrate creativity.

Thank yous

Contribute any amount or choose from the levels below.

  • $25
    Personal thank you on social media or handwritten postcard, and an invitation to Brother El’s events ($25.00 is tax deductible.)
  • $50
    Your named acknowledged in the book/album and on the project website, plus a personal thank you on social media or handwritten postcard and an invitation to Brother El’s events ($50.00 is tax deductible.)
  • $75
    Impromptu 1-minute Live PA electronic music performance video dedicated to you on social media ($75.00 is tax deductible.)
  • $100
    Autographed copy of the book/album plus your name in the acknowledgments and website, plus personal thank you on social media or handwritten postcard and an invitation to Brother El’s events ($50.00 is tax deductible.)
  • $200
    An invitation to a walking tour of the Oakland neighborhood of Chicago led by Brother El, plus an autographed copy of the book/album, your name acknowledged, a personal thank you on social media, and an invitation to events ($150.00 is tax deductible.)
  • $500
    An intimate electronic music performance for 10-20 people, plus an autographed copy of the book/album, invitation to the walking tour, your name acknowledged in the book/website, and a personal thank you ($50.00 is tax deductible.)

Lional "Brother El" Freeman

Make a Wave Artist

Lional 'Brother El' Freeman is a spontaneous composer, multidisciplinary creative, and educator who uses music and visual arts to express ideas while connecting people to a higher plane of consciousness. Raised in the hip hop aesthetic and DIY movement, he …

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