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The Gentle Shepherd is the first Scottish “folk opera” ever written, published in 1725 by the poet Allan Ramsay. I first happened upon this work by accident while sifting through a bunch of Scottish folk music. As a baroque violinist and bluegrass fiddler, I was immediately intrigued to find an opera in which the arias are fiddle tunes, some of which are still played today in jams!  Discovering this unique, historic fusion of my two worlds—baroque and folk music—prompted me to research further and made me fall more in love with the work. In collaboration with my esteemed colleagues and members of the Bach & Beethoven Ensemble, we will produce and perform the Gentle Shepherd for the first time in the U.S. since 1798, which will also be the first time ever in Chicago. Funds from this campaign will help us put on this ambitious production, involving an ensemble and cast of 16, that will take place at the Old Town School of Folk Music’s Szold Hall on September 24. Your donations are a major part of bringing this unique work and rare merging of Italian Baroque and Scottish fiddling in the form of a “folk opera” to life!

About This Project

The Gentle Shepherd is a story about love, the pursuit of happiness in life, and finding out what matters most. Set in the Scottish Lowlands just outside of Edinburgh (where it was first performed), the story unfolds around two shepherd couples: Patie (the Gentle Shepherd) and Peggy; and Jenny and Roger. Patie and Peggy are in love, and Jenny and Roger are in a constant battle of cat and mouse, before finally Jenny yields and gives her love to Roger. Patie, raised and thought to be only a lowly shepherd, is now of age and is paid a mysterious visit by his estranged father pretending to be a fortune teller. His father “fortells” that he will become royalty, and then dramatically unveils his identity as Sir William with the lifting of his fake beard. The reunion between father and son is sweet, until Sir William forbids Patie to marry Peggy because she is common. However, through a series of hilarious events, including pranks that involve two old ladies dressing up as a witch and a ghost to teach a wayward man a lesson, it is revealed that Peggy is also of noble blood, rescued as an infant from her neglectful aristocratic family from afar, and placed on her uncle’s doorstep under his tender, loving care. The opera concludes with a joyous celebration of love and marriage. On a side note, Allan Ramsay is like the Frank Capra of his day, taking great pains to emphasize the importance of literacy and education, and depicting the poor as intelligent folk with genuine heart. 

We have translated the script, and are consulting on Scottish diction, costuming, and staging. With each step into the process of delving further into the music and text, I am deepening my artistic practice in both the baroque and folk music worlds and discovering more and more connections through these genres. I have also learned a lot about Scottish culture, diction, and have made many friends along the way, including the Chicago Scots, which is North America’s largest Scottish cultural organization.  Additionally, the Gentle Shepherd will be produced in large part through a summer residency at the Old Town School of Folk Music, kicking off at the beginning of July with a series of workshops and open rehearsals and culminating in the final performance on September 24. This will provide in-kind use of the performance space, audio and visual recording of the performance, marketing, and technical support.

Funds from the campaign will go towards artist fees, staging, costumes, and set design. Your donations will help produce this unique opera that is a testament to the Scottish folk and Baroque traditions, and embodies the heart and soul of my artistic practice.

Thank yous

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