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The Story of Pa I Sha is a musical work I am composing based on the stories from my Chickasaw heritage beginning with my great-great-great-grandmother, Pa I Sha. With members of my ensemble, the Bach & Beethoven Experience, I plan to perform this work in Chicago during November 2023 as part of Native American Heritage month and in partnership with the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian.

About This Project

As a member of the Chickasaw Nation, I grew up looking at Pa I Sha’s portrait, which hung in our living room. Every time I gazed at her, I saw a woman of immense strength who carried the Chickasaw reputation of “unconquered and unconquerable." This musical work is inspired by her and will highlight three major stories in my Chickasaw heritage.

The first story is about Pa I Sha herself, who was full-blood Chickasaw and walked the Trail of Tears in 1837 from her home in Mississippi to her new nation in Oklahoma as part of the Indian Removal Act. In Oklahoma, she married her husband, another full-blood Chickasaw, who also walked the Trail of Tears. The second story is about Pa I Sha’s daughter, Mary Sheco, who was also full-blood Chickasaw, but married an Englishman. Because interracial marriages with the tribe were taboo at the time, they were forced to live in a railroad tent outside of town with their nine children. Their children and grandchildren were discriminated against to the point that some did not declare their degree of Indian blood, or in some cases, dropped their indigenous identity altogether. Her grandson, Earnest Thaxton, is the last relative I have on the Dawes Census Cards from Indian Territory. He was born in Indian territory before Oklahoma became a state in 1906. His family was required to register, but none of his full-blood relatives claimed they were full-blood for fear of the prejudice against them by the government. The third story is about how my great grandfather Earnest Thaxton met my great grandmother, Sarah Tannehill. She had come to Texas from Illinois on a train at 12 years old around Christmastime. Her parents had told her that there would be no presents this year, but that they would still celebrate Jesus' birth. When they arrived, her family was invited to dinner by the people of the town and were given presents after all. The girls were given corn husk dolls and the boys were given whittled animals that were made for them. After Earnest moved to the Texas panhandle, he met and married Sarah, who gave birth to my maternal grandfather.

In partnership with members of my ensemble, the Bach & Beethoven Experience (BBE), and with the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian, we will perform this work twice in November 2023 as part of Native American Heritage month. The instrumentation of this work will include a narrator, flute, Native American flute, violin, viola, cello, and percussion. The narration will be mostly in English, but will include some Chickasaw language in telling these stories. Using melodies from the Chickasaw Nation, this work will feature three distinct sections that will illuminate these three major stories.  I hope that these stories will give voice to not just Chickasaw people, but to the collective Native American voice and community as a whole, since other Native Americans have had similar experiences to what happened in my family.  Contributing to this project is a unique opportunity for people to support that voice even if they are not Native American themselves.  

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