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Celebrating the role of music in my life and my mother's creative influence, "Songs My Mother Loves" will be a new CD recording of favorite jazz compositions as a way of paying tribute and giving thanks. 

About This Project

Do you remember your mother singing to you when you were young? Some of my fondest memories were of being awakened many early mornings to the voices of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington, Nina Simone, and my own mother singing along with them while she handled her morning housework. She gave me the great gift of weaving music into my life and now I am giving it back, with my newest project “Songs My Mother Loves." This new recording pays tribute and gives thanks to my mother for her inspiration and influence, and homage to the music that is now an important part of my life.

So many songs to sing, but only a few can be chosen! Six songs have already been recorded, including Perdido,Softly (As in a Moring Sunrise), Tis Autumn and The Joy You Bring, This is Always and The Late Late Show, with Miguel De la Cerna on piano, Harrison Bankhead on bass, and Ernie Adams on drums. We have at least 7 more to complete. The $5,000 I am currently trying to raise will cover the costs to complete the cd which includes recording time, editing, mixing, mastering, packaging, as well as compensation for my wonderful musicians.

I am thrilled to be performing for the first time at the prestigious Newport Jazz Festival on August 4, 2013 in Providence, Rhode Island where I will be singing, “Songs My Mother Loves." Although the recording will not be completed by then, I will have an EP which will be available at Newport in anticipation of the final project.

I have often thought if I could inspire a young person the way my mother inspired me I would be able to complete the circle of creative energy that allows creative art forms to continue to evolve. I felt that recently when a ten years young aspiring musician expressed to me how much my music moved him, he said, “I will never forget this as long as I live." I was moved as well to realize that what my mother passed on to me—this love for and understanding of the power of music to transform lives—was transmitting the same encouragement to the new young lions and lionesses that I am pleased to see embracing this music we call jazz.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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Dee Alexander

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Born on Chicago’s west side, Dee Alexander is one of Chicago’s most gifted and respected female vocalist/songwriters. Her talents span every music genre, from Gospel to R&B, from Blues to Neo-Soul. Yet her true heart and soul are experienced in …

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  • Update 1: Songs My Mother Loves
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    Whoo hoo! As of today I am at 1/3 of my goal. Many thanks to those of you that have contributed thus far. There's still time for more pledges. Thank you so much.

    Update 2: Songs My Mother Loves
    Posted on July 17, 2013


    Wow. We are 92% funded. Thank you so much. Still plenty of time left to make a pledge. Your support is greatly appreciated.....

    Update 3: Songs My Mother Loves
    Posted on July 31, 2013


    Wow!  Fully funded at 114% and still getting more pledges..this is so humbling.....thank you all so much.  The pledge ends Aug 27 so there is still plenty of time.  I am eternally grateful...thank u.

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