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As a dance artist influenced by feminism and the queer experience, I have been developing a multifaceted project called Tones of Belonging that merges dance performance with somatic healing. After presenting a series of performances in partnership with sculptor Corinne Peterson, who uses clay workshops and installation to address trauma, I now want to offer my own workshops that expound upon movement as a resource for trauma recovery. I am so excited to take this step, which connects awareness practices centered in the body with a public response against rape-culture.  With your support, I will have funds to make these workshops happen! Donations will cover space rental, materials, marketing, and compensation for collaborating Dance Movement Therapists and artists. 

About This Project

Tones of Belonging has a raw effect on audiences, and these workshops are inspired by the voices of people who have approached me after the show to inquire about how to "get involved in this." I rarely feel that performing dance leaves audiences with a sense that they have access to the performers' experience, so I've been very moved and excited to respond with these workshop offerings.

The movement research behind Tones of Belonging has focused on gentle rituals that shift physiological blocks by bringing the body to a state of alive, responsive presence.

In the workshops, we will offer simple and accessible versions of these movement experiences, geared to facilitate a sense of positive connection among participants. We will combine this with reflective journaling, drawing, and opportunities to share. 

I am currently working with several community partners to solidify specific dates and venues. I am envisioning 3-4 small workshops in different areas of the city. Pending funds, I am gearing up to launch this stage of the project in Spring 2016. Your support is necessary to ensure that the workshops can be financially accessible to the public!    

Tones of Belonging has become a healing process with its own momentum. It helps people come forward towards solidarity and responds to a moment in history when our rape-culture is being named for its pervasive effects. You too can become a part of this movement!   

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Sarah Gottlieb

Sarah Gottlieb is a Chicago-based dancer and choreographer whose work is grounded in improvisation, feminism, and her penchant for metaphysical inquiry.  Sarah is the Artistic Director of BodyCompass Dance Project whose experimental dance-making methods yield captivating, politically motivated performance. After …

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  • Update 1: Our campaign is off to a great start! Thanks to all of you we met the goal for the first week! We have a ways to go and we want more people to know about this project. Every time this is shared it helps us get the word out! Thanks again for making this week so amazing :)
    Posted on November 12, 2015


    Update 2: Here are some exciting performance photos from "Tones of Belonging/The Cairn Project" at Lillstreet Gallery 11/20/15
    Posted on November 23, 2015


    Performance still from Tones of BelongingPerformance still from Tones of BelongingPerformance still from Tones of BelongingPerformance still from Tones of Belonging

    Update 3: The site is secure- but if you'd rather you can send checks!
    Posted on November 25, 2015


    Some people's browsers might warn against the security of this website.  I've made inquiries into this and the message is that 3-Arts site’s security certificates are all up to date. However, if you're more comfortable they can accept checks. A check must be made out to 3Arts and they must receive it prior to Dec 18!  

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    Update 4: Stretch goal!
    Posted on December 01, 2015


    Dear Contributors: Thank you so much! Your donations helped us reach our first goal!  We now have a stretch goal of $3500 which will help fund a culminating performance for this project!  If you know anyone else who might be similarly interested in hearing about, or supporting this work, we would be eternally grateful for your recommendations.  

    Update 5: Exciting News! BodyCompass Dance Project's full length production Yolk was listed as one of the years 7 best!… This and the end of a campaign: what an amazing week!
    Posted on December 16, 2015


    Update 6: Thanks to You! A Super Hilarious video for you!
    Posted on December 17, 2015


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