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Next year in support of my debut album 20’something, I am producing a live concert that will give audiences a multisensory and boundary-pushing experience. This will be my first full-length album, and it will take listeners on a journey through the ups and downs of my twenties in a very personal but relatable fashion. This album is a reflection diary: a gift to never forget the journey of how I became who I am. It’s also something people can listen to and know they aren’t the only ones to have gone through some of the unspoken struggles that come with this phase of life. In addition to being a musician, I also became a trained audio engineer to expand my freedom of expression by understanding the science of sound. In planning the live show for my new album, I am eager to push my skills by incorporating immersive surround sound technology. As a music fan I’ve always wanted to be in a concert that feels like a movie theater, where the audio and effects seem to put you in the center of the experience acoustically and visually. I know this dream is ambitious, but it’s one I’ve had since beginning my music career and I feel like now is the time to take a leap of faith. With the funds raised from this campaign I will bring all the resources I can to producing a one-of-a-kind live concert event. While I will rely on some self-financing, this project requires more than what I can give, so I’m looking to my community and fans to join in making this possible. Funds will help cover the equipment, venue costs, rehearsals, and artist payments for musicians, engineers, and dancers. With your donation, you’ll be part of putting together an amazing concert and showing the music world what’s possible on the horizon.

About This Project

While surround sound is typically specific to the film industry, I’ve always wondered why it wasn’t more of “a thing” in music. How can I give my audiences that distinct feeling of being inside the sound, coming at you from all sides, with lighting to match? Once I discovered the technical side, I understood why many music artists and show producers didn’t bother with it. It’s a complicated, expensive, and tedious process that is difficult to reproduce on a nightly basis for a touring music artist or a traveling production. So with this opportunity, I decided to produce an epic one-night performance with all effects in place, in order to live out the dream I’ve been thinking about for years.

There are so many feelings and emotions that come with going through your twenties. Many of them can be hard to put into words sometimes, and, as a writer, I often rely on melody and tone to express those emotions. For me that’s where the sound experience comes into play. The way the sound is experienced is an important factor in communicating the essence of the melodies and instruments. From studio mix to the live show sound, all elements of sound matter when attempting to communicate feelings without words. Performing a song in surround sound is a big step in a direction that allows an artist's music to be more interactive with a listener's physical and mental senses, providing a more intimate experience. 

I’m currently working to confirm a venue that is capable of delivering the technical quality and experience I’m looking for. Most concert venues aren’t equipped with surround sound systems meaning I’ll either have to rent a system for the show, or find a theater that still provides the feel and environment I’m looking for. The project “20’something” is wrapping up and teams are being assembled to begin the process of putting the production together. I will be working with seasoned sound engineers and a crew to bring the surround idea to life. Musicians, dancers, and many others are preparing to begin rehearsals and production planning for the experience. There is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears being poured into this passion project. And while this is probably one of my most ambitious projects to date, I look forward to turning a dream into a reality and being able to share it with the world.

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