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All About Love is a collaborative event I’m developing with local street dancers and artists that aims to recognize and empower diverse identities in these art forms. By offering a feminism workshop, artist conversations, and a performance showcase, we will celebrate a range of identities and create safe spaces for these artistic communities to gather and grow.

About This Project

The idea for this project comes from my personal experience as a non-binary artist and seeing how there is misogyny and a lack of understanding about queerness and other identities within street dance culture. It’s hard to be “outside the box” or different from the “norm,” which is usually black and white; male and female; etc. Queer artists are still outcast, and there are patriarchal gender roles that seem to force masculinity hardness and feminine softness. Someone’s physical appearance can sometimes be the only information for how they are labeled, but we are all more complex humans than that.

Many queer artists fight for their space and presence in street dance, which sparked me to consider this issue personally, but also as something bigger that should be healed. I believe physical presentation and gender identification should not automatically indicate a particular dance style or type of art that artists create. It should be open to infinite possibilities as an extension of one’s freedom of expression.

With this project, I want to create a space that challenges this issue and provides a bridge to understanding. By working with collaborators from the Chicago street dance community, we want to create a welcoming and loving space for all artists, but particularly those facing these issues.

I have experience developing collaborations and showcases before, including my Oceanic project, which brought together a diverse group of street dancers to share movement pieces about misplacement and displacement throughout generations. For All About Love, I plan to work and perform with an amazing group of artists including: Kiki King, Fabulous Freddie, Orlando De Leon Jr., (aka Juice), and Tre Daniels. The programming, which includes a guided feminism workshop, artist conversations, and dance showcase, will take place November 4 and 5 this year in Chicago. 

Ultimately, with your support, All About Love will help to seed positive impacts and inspirations for building a healthy and safe space together for the Chicago street dance community.

Thank yous

Contribute any amount or choose from the levels below.

  • $15
    Shoutout at the "All About Love" event. ($15.00 is tax deductible.)
  • $30
    Customized graphic-designed thank you letter by email. ($30.00 is tax deductible.)
  • $50
    Curated playlist of music from the “All About Love” event. ($50.00 is tax deductible.)
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    Reserved seats for you and a guest at the event, plus all of the above. ($80.00 is tax deductible.)
  • $150
    A personalized, hour-long dance lesson led by Kerbie and a collaborator, plus all of the above. ($50.00 is tax deductible.)

Elisabete YJ Seonwoo aka Kerberus

Make a Wave Artist

Elisabete Yoon Ju Seonwoo, aka Kerberus (they/she), received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her focus on exploring the artistic language of liberation in art and technology and mixed new media dance performances connect to …

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