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With Percussing Up a Storm, I am creating the first recording dedicated to my original music for percussion instruments. I love composing for percussion because it has an energy unlike any other kind of music. I feel a kinship to the instruments because any thing or person can function as a percussion instrument: producing its distinct beat, tone, or rhythm. Many people don’t realize how vast the “percussion universe” is. Few people write music for percussion, and even fewer of them are women or people of color. This CD will help fill that void and inspire others to add to the canon. Recordings generate interests in performance, commissions, and scholarship, and they help keep music alive. I believe that Percussing Up a Storm will mark a critical moment in music. Your donation will not only help defray studio and rehearsal costs, travel, engineering, and publicity, it will also make you an integral part of this watershed event.

About This Project

The word “percuss” means to tap or strike. This CD will “tap” the percussion universe and awaken interest of performers, composers, and listeners. All three groups are vital music lifelines. Music needs composers + performers + listeners (in tandem) to stay alive!

Renowned percussionist/mallet man, Dr. Jimmy Finnie, has performed my music throughout the US. This project was Jimmy’s idea. He suggested we collaborate on a landmark recording destined to spark international buzz and broaden the horizon for percussion compositions.

Percussing up at Storm will be the culmination of performances in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Terra Haute, Indiana. My collaborator, Dr. Finnie, is Chairman of the Percussion Department at Indiana State University (ISU). Our CD will feature ISU faculty, some of whom have performed my music in concert. Recordings will occur in Indianapolis studios and live at various Chicago and Terra Haute venues. 

This marks my eighth recording, but Percussing Up a Storm will be the first commercially-released CD dedicated exclusively to my original music. 

CD tracks will include (*inspired by Lillian Brulc’s paintings):

*Deborah (marimba, xylophone, full battery: snare drum, tom-tom, bass drum, cymbals, cow bell, etc.) with piano, in 3 movements: Jael, Rwanda’s Prayer, Percussion up a Storm.

*Communion (5-octave marimba, strings) is in 3 movement: Canon, Izat, Ion.

Gullah Ghost Drumming features 6 players: whistle (clavé), chekeré (cowbell), 4 congas

Skins for 3-4 percussionists: Ashiko, Conga, Bass drummers, piano

Liszten and Azuretta, for piano, remind listeners that piano is a percussion and string instrument. Azuretta Transcribed for marimba choir is a transcription.

Sketches: Piano Trio builds to a percussive finale via syncopated piano hammering, 4 mvmts: Sketches for the 9th, Miriam’s Muse, Variations on 2 Folk Tunes, Pentasketch: violin, cello, piano

Jazz, gospel and popular music for voice, piano, bass drums: Lovers & Friends, Ask Him, Message to my Muse, Hold out for Joy, Farafina (w/trumpet), Dream Weaver (w/sax)

Thank yous

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    All the above + your name printed on the CD liner notes. ($960.00 is tax deductible.)
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    All the above + Regina will compose music in your honor. ($2000.00 is tax deductible.)

Regina Harris Baiocchi

Regina Harris Baiocchi writes notes and words to fill vessels called music, poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Regina is driven by her curiosity to create art that is informed by research, speaks to diverse audiences, and moves people to participate …

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