Crowdfunding with a Match

3AP (3Arts Projects) is a unique crowdfunding platform with a built-in match that helps Chicago artists finance new creative work.
3Arts matches 1/3 of each project goal, charges no fees to artists, and offers mentoring and technical support.
3Arts will match your support!
  • ESCP

    • $5,972 raised of $5,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 119% funded

    ESCP is an electric-acoustic performance duo that I started in 2016 with my good friend and long-time collaborator, Bob Garrett. For the past year and a half we have created and performed new compositions that explore the presence of music as …

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  • MMIRI: Origin Stories

    • $5,752 raised of $5,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 115% funded

    MMIRI: Origin Stories is a short experimental film that offers a fresh interpretation of the creation story, drawing on traditional West African tales and a contemporary fantastical imagination. Storytelling and image-making have always been central components to who I am. …

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  • The Franklin Collection

    • $6,242 raised of $5,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 125% funded

    Five years ago, I co-created The Franklin artist-run project space with my husband in the backyard of our home in Garfield Park. Since then, more than 100 artists have presented site-specific works for the visiting public. Perhaps lesser known to …

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    • $4,150 raised of $4,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 104% funded

    I’ve long been aesthetically intrigued by and visually interested in capturing various stages of Black Girlhood in my work.  “Prom Send Offs” is a new body of photographic work in which I document how African-American girls in Chicago celebrate the …

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  • we are, we are

    • $5,047 raised of $5,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 101% funded

    My project, we are, we are, seeks to change the conversation we have about mental health. Since having been diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder myself, in 2005, this project is both personal and deeply needed socially. Too often people with mental …

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  • Delinea Renda

    • $2,585 raised of $2,500 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 103% funded

    For the first time, I am creating a short dance film that will merge my choreography with poetry, prose, and musical composition. The title of the project refers to a fictional character and moniker of mine, Delinea Renda, which …

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  • An Illuminated Feminist Seed Bank

    • $6,639 raised of $4,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 166% funded

    An Illuminated Feminist Seed Bank is a new publication that will tell the story of Seeds InService, a unique Chicago garden project where plant fibers are cultivated for art works, research projects, and public interventions. For the past five …

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  • Block Zombies

    • $4,029 raised of $4,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 101% funded

    As a professional illustrator and animator, I’m excited to develop a short animated film called Block Zombies, which follows a young boy in Chicago whose school is in jeopardy of closing. I’ve had this idea in my head for …

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  • Thread.City

    • $3,055 raised of $3,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 102% funded

    For the past 3 years, I’ve been developing Thread.City, a series of collaborative site-specific installations consisting of text-based conversational threads that directly reflect the times in which we live. I was initially inspired by the comment feeds that follow …

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    • $6,435 raised of $5,000 goal
    • 0 Days 0:00:00 LEFT
      • 3Arts matched
      • 129% funded

    With this campaign, I am breathing new life into an original music composition I wrote that reflects on the history and impact of the Great Migration in Chicago neighborhoods. As a performing artist, educator, and poet, I’ve always been passionate …

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